JULY 22, 2019

Did you know there’s a right way and a wrong way to recycle?

You know recycling has many benefits, including saving energy and conserving resources. However, Michigan ranks as one of the states with the fewest people who actually recycle, and not all who do recycle do it properly.

JUNE 28, 2019

Detroit to launch largest recycling expansion as new Sustainable Action agenda unveiled

A $1 million push to beef up Detroit's recycling program is a key element of the city's new Sustainable Action Agenda, which officials unveiled Friday.

JUNE 4, 2019

Sustainable Brands Convenes Global Brand Leaders at SB'19 Detroit

The Lincoln Street Art Park is a nontraditional sculptural park built on a formerly abandoned industrial site. It is an evolving art project, using recycled ...

JANUARY 9, 2019

Henry Ford Health System to make art space out of vacant Detroit building.

Henry Ford Health System is creating an art-focused community center out of a vacant building near its Detroit hospital. A $200,000 youth and family grant from the West Bloomfield-based Vera and Joseph Dresner Foundation is funding the project, the health system announced Wednesday in a news release.

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